How To Get Paid As A Micro-Influencer E-Book

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My easy step-by-step 50 page e-book will include my exact brand negotiation templates, platforms/websites I used to earn anywhere from $100-$500/month regardless of my following, how to build your own PR lists, strategies on growing an engaged following, how to bookkeep and prepare for your taxes as a blogger, legal stuff you didn’t know you had to before blogging, and more!








Are you ready to invest in yourself and turn your blog into a business? I’ll show you how I’ve been able to get from 100+ rejections to getting brands eager to work with you, ask you for your rates, and even landing 4 figure deals as a micro-influencer under 10K.

This E-book is for you if you are a micro-influencer/blogger who is:

-Looking to build a highly engaged community that will attract followers and brands that you want!
-Looking to pitch to brands and land your dream paid partnerships!
-Most importantly, this is for people who are ready to stop hoping, wishing, and dreaming to pursue their passions and take actions!

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2 reviews for How To Get Paid As A Micro-Influencer E-Book

  1. Trang

    Hello everyone!! I can 💯 guarantee you that the 1:1 coaching with Priscilla has been the most helpful conversation I have ever had! I never realized what I was missing on my page till I discussed it all with her. She puts her time and effort by preparing ahead and making hard points for us to go through to discuss about just me. She always asks questions along the way which I am so thankful for! I am happy to say that I will be subscribing and have bought her e-book that will be helping me on my journey for the next few months. Thanks girl!! Excited to be your student!!

    -Trang @trangtoinspire

  2. Sylvie

    Something I’ve been passionate about for the last few months is content creating, but at times I’ve felt like I was at a plateau. I recently found Priscilla through IG and have never felt more inspired. I purchased her e-book and JUST had a 1 on 1 call with her. She is incredibly knowledgable on growing your ig as a content creator, as well as how to provide value to both your followers and prospective brands. She was very thorough on how I could achieve my goals and helped me with every problem that I’ve been facing throughout 1 on 1 call and I’m so thankful.

    Update: Gotten over 11K in hashtag reach and long term paying partnerships utilizing the methods and strategies in How To Get Paid As A Micro-Influencer E-book!

    -Sylvie, @sylviesideup

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