Why I’m never going back to a traditional 9-5 ​

A couple months ago, a good friend of mine asked me, “Would you ever see yourself going back to working at a 9-5 even if it was your favorite company and they had good pay/benefits?” ​
If you asked me this when I was in college, I would tell you YES a million times over. I used to think the path to success in life was getting more degrees and working your way up by trading time for money. But since then, I have learned to unlearn societal conditioning and redefine what it meant to be successful for me.​
I’ve realized you don’t need any fancy degrees, decades of experience or climbing the corporate ladder to be a success. Only you can define what it really means to live a successful life. ​
So if you ask me that today, there is a very clear reason why I will never go back to a traditional 9-5 lifestyle. ​
It’s about creating a life by my own design, a life that keeps me inspired, and where success is defined by me and no one else.​
“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes​
This quote rings true for me for many reasons but mainly because…​
When I was still at my 9-5, I watched a youtube video of Billy Wilson who shared that he quit his job to work for his marketing agency full-time. At the time he quit, he had a handful of clients that paid him $1K+ a month each. He was able to afford to eat out everyday at his favorite restaurant Chipotle, pay for his apartment/bills, and work on his own schedule.​
I was so inspired that he was able to create his own life by design and not by society’s. ​
Fast forward to a few months later, I remember the early days of starting my online business when I started landing clients and getting paid in full for $1K+ month. ​
I was over the moon! ​
It proved that much more was possible and expanded my mind to the point where there is no going back.​
It reaffirmed my decision that I am capable of making an income without working for someone the rest of my life and can create a life by my own design. ​
Since that day, I’ve made many more $1K+/days…(something my 9-5 self could never imagine myself doing!)​
If you could create $1K+/days, how would that impact you and the people around you? ​
👉 ​ Ditching your 9-5 to work remotely in a new city every month ​
👉 ​ Making the income you want so that you can provide for your family and more ​
👉 ​ Building a business that creates an impact driven purpose in your community ​
That can be YOU!​
Our team has collectively helped over 100 clients clarify their visions, leave their 9-5s, build impactful location independent businesses, triple their income, become digital nomads, and create financial abundance for themselves and their families.​
It is our mission to help 1000 people in our lifetimes to replace their traditional 9-5 jobs with location independent online businesses.​
If you are….​
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Then we want to help you with our mission! ​
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