How to stay in amazing destinations for FREE


As I write this, I’m currently on a socially distanced island property in Vashon, WA in a beautiful 2-story cabin with nature views all around (and a rainy day!).

The best part?

This stay is completely FREE and I’ll share with you exactly how I did this so read to the end so you can do this too.

Let’s get started!

Become a housesitter

The best way I can describe housesits is it’s like an Airbnb with pets. It gives you the ability to explore new locations and take care of new pet companions while the owners are away. These sites are memberships and not technically free. However, if you apply and are able to secure a housesit in any one of these websites which are usually a few weeks long to a month (a few months if you’re really lucky!) The cost of joining already pays for itself. Membership costs ranges from $20 to $130+ per year. Some of my favorite websites are Trustedhousesitters, Nomador, MindMyHouse, and more!

Craft your pitch

There are many desirable applicants including yourself when applying. So to get free stays, you have to learn to negotiate and pitch yourself. A big part of that is positioning your offer properly and making sure the right people are listening to your offer.  With the right pitch you could even negotiate great stays at airbnb’s and boutique hotels.

Much like you would craft a brand pitch to get a gifted or paid partnership, you want to also craft a solid pitch to share why you are the best housesitter to take care of their homes and pets out of everyone else who applied.

Through crafting a strong pitch, I’ve been able to stay at numerous beautiful stays from cute cottages to million dollar homes. Most recently, I’ve also been able to secure a 6-month long housesit in Florida where I will not have to pay for anything and only need to care for a cute cat!

Optimize your profile

When applying, I look to see the online listing and see what are the needs of the owners. This one is probably the second most important thing after your pitch. Once the owners receive your applications, they will definitely look at your profile. Make sure you have HD pictures of yourself, any homes/pets you’ve taken care of in the past, and other things that showcase your personality.

Did you find this helpful and would you do housesitting? Comment below and let me know! 👇