How To Create An Online Remote Income

Do you find yourself thinking about the possibility of leveraging technology in order to work remotely and live an independent and nomadic lifestyle?
Since the pandemic started, millions of workers have transitioned their jobs to work remotely. Studies have shown that since being able to experience a taste of working from home, 54% of people are finding themselves wanting to continue to WFH because of the flexibility and a better work-life balance.
If you relate to this and want to learn how you can continue to WFH or create a remote income even after the pandemic, then keep on reading…
Besides being a remote 9-5 employee, there are 3 ways you can make money remotely:


This is great for people who are in a transition from wanting to leave their 9-5 to doing their own thing. Before I left my 9-5, freelancing platforms provided extra income before I officially left my job for my business. It’s great because you can build your skills and don’t have to commit to an employer long term and most projects only take you a few hours to do (depending on your skills and niche as well). The better you get at your skill, the more you can charge per project. My favorite platforms I recommend are Upwork and LinkedIn.


If you have an expertise in a particular area, you can advise businesses on what they need to do to improve their profitability, sales, operations, marketing, customer service, and so much more.
A benefit of this is being able to increase your rates and have clients on a monthly recurring retainer. This provides ability to generate consistent income and predictability.


Location independent businesses allows you to have a higher degree of freedom than all of these choices above because your business is an asset. Once you have created a high income skill that you can repeatedly make money with and turn it into a business then you will have sustainable cash flow coming in. As well, once you dial down your offer you can scale with repeatable systems and processes.
Examples of this can be:
✅Creating and selling products/services
✅Online courses in your area of expertise
✅Opening an e-commerce store
✅Affiliate marketing
✅ Ads agency
Comment below, which of the 3 fits the best with you to go remote?