3 Tips To Balance Work and Leisure As A Digital Nomad

While I love discovering the new places I’m in, there is also a lot of online work involved to maintain this lifestyle so I want to share with you some tips on how I balance getting stuff done and having fun. ​

Slow travel ​ ​

Even though it’s really fun to travel to new locations every so often, it definitely gets tiring moving around.​

So when I travel, I always intend to stay in one location for at least 2 weeks up to a month or two. ​

Staying somewhere for longer periods of time is essential for balancing work and travel. But more importantly, get into routines that help with productivity. ​

When I’m in a new environment, it takes me a couple of days to settle in and find my flow. ​

Setting the intention for the day ​ ​

It’s very tempting to look at my phone the first thing in the morning to check messages and emails but I’ve been trying to restrain myself from doing that by placing my phone in the far corner of the room.​

Instead, I sit in silence in my thoughts so that I’m waking up with gratitude and happiness. ​

Then I will set an intention on how I want my day to look like. It will help me plan my day accordingly to be adventurous, productive, or rest. ​

80/20 rule​

The Pareto Principle -80/20 rule is all about doing more by doing less. ​

So what is the top 20% of your to-do list you can do each day that will equal 80% results? ​

Find the 3 tasks that you can do everyday that will move the needle in your business. ​

Unplugging from work and setting a no-work day ​

As entrepreneurs, there always seems to be never-ending tasks to do. However, to avoid burnout and the cost of your mental health, it’s important to set boundaries. Set a day in the week where you can relax and take a breather! Perks of being your own boss means you can create a business around your lifestyle.

Comment below and let me know which tip you found the most useful! 👇