How I Generate Remote Income With Affiliate Marketing

When I heard of affiliate marketing, I was intrigued. I enjoyed the concept of getting income passively through commissions.

However, I only heard of influencers using rewardstyle and ltk platforms to generate income as an affiliate marketer.

So when I took a closer look into it and saw the commission rate was only 7%, I didn’t spend too much time on it.

Because I thought I needed to have a HUGE following in order to influence my audience to buy and generate a livable income off of it. Let alone, passive income.

So I gave up on pursuing affiliate marketing as an income stream for awhile.

Until, I was later introduced to other affiliate marketing platforms that gave you 85%+ commissions for every sale you make such as…

👉many more!

And that really changed the game.

I began to look into it more seriously and saw the potential it had.

Before I share how or where to start with affiliate marketing, let’s dive into a list of pros and cons!


✅No fulfillment

✅No order inventory

✅Don’t have to manage customer service

✅Low start up cost (wifi & laptop)

✅ No expertise needed, just willingness to learn how to run fb ads (it’s a skill that you can learn as you go, optimize and repeat campaigns that performs best and brings in the most profits)

✅ Lots of offers in the marketplace to promote

✅ If done right, it only takes about an hour a day.

✅ Earn while you sleep

✅ Flexible working schedule


❌ No control over product

❌ No establishment over your customer base (once a referral is made, a repeating customer won’t purchase through the affiliate link/code. They’ll purchase directly to the vendor.)

❌Initial investment required to run Facebook ad campaigns to promote offers

❌ Not for everyone (creating another income stream requires hard work, challenges, and mental work)

Here are some tips to get started:

1. Become an affiliate on top marketplaces

There are a ton of affiliate sites but the top marketplaces I recommend that pays you 85%+ on commissions for every sale you make are Clickbank and Digistore24. Offers on there range anywhere from $100-1000+. The key is finding the WINNING product that has the most conversions or sales on the marketplace.

2. Choose your traffic source

There are many traffic sources (blog, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc) you can use to drive sales. I personally recommend, Facebook as the platform to run traffic to because there are 1.62 billion active users everyday. With the right strategies, you can drive a huge amount of steady traffic to your affiliate links.

3. Convert your audience

Once you’ve decided your traffic source, you need to convert them from strangers to buyers. In that middle point, we set up what we call a landing page. A landing page is essentially to “warm up” someone from the ad -> product -> sale.

4. Track your data

Tracking your data helps you know who is your ideal buyers so you can retarget more similar groups of people. You know how when you’re shopping online and you end up not buying the full cart of stuff you added? But then, they retarget you back to the website with the same items you viewed on an ad. That’s the power of having a pixel. A pixel can track when someone’s viewed the landing page all the way to purchase. So the more data your pixel has, the more it knows who to target.

5. Optimize campaigns

Let’s be real, no one enjoys ads! But the best ads are the ones that capture your attention and tells a story. When running ads, you need to test different things to see what works and what doesn’t. This means testing your headlines, ad copy, images/videos, and target audience. The goal is to find the winning combination. When you do that, you can use that ad to scale so you can make more passive income sales!

Would you consider adding affiliate marketing as an income stream?