Foods To Try In Vancouver

When people think of Vancouver, their focus and interests usually revolve around the beautiful scenery, hiking, or skiing in the mountains and exciting nightlife. However, if you are making the trek to visit make sure you delve into their spectacular foods. They are known for quite a few specialties and you will not want to miss out, especially if you are a big foodie. 


Cream Puff from Popina Canteen


We all have heard of cream puffs, but where did they originate and become popular? You guessed it! Granville Island in Vancouver has an eatery named Popina Canteen. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the famous puff pastry. It is also known for incorporating their creamy natural soft serve ice cream in the cream puff and adding delicious and seasonal toppings. 


Doughnuts from Honey’s Doughnuts


Homemade doughnuts are by far one of the most delicious sweets you can indulge in, and at the bakery Honey’s Doughnuts, you will surely be in heaven. Celebrities including Shay Mitchell have found themselves getting their hands on these rings just like you should. Although not in the city of Vancouver, it is worth the small detour for such a sweet treat, especially after a day of hiking, biking, touring, or kayaking. 


Maple, Maple, and more Maple


Canada in itself is known for its sweet and delicious maple syrup. You can enjoy them with your favorite breakfast foods such as pancakes, french toast, oatmeal, and waffles. But the Canadians are creative with their specialty, so try a maple beer after a long day and a maple coffee the morning after. Plus, if you want to bring something home for friends and family they have lots of maple candy. 




If you are heading to Canada, you need to commit to devouring a poutine dish. If you enjoy comfort food, this is the ultimate one: French fries served with cheese curds and brown gravy. This is a dish served everywhere in Canada and with Vancouver being the most populated city in the country, you are bound to find some great restaurants that serve poutine. One of the highest ratings is the restaurant “Belgian Fries” on Commercial Drive. 



Nothing beats fresh seafood, and where else better to get it than the city of Vancouver. Be sure to try out their famous candied salmon before you leave. The sweetness of their iconic maple sugar perfectly balances with the salty and savory salmon to make an unforgettable meal. 




Regardless of what you fill your day up activity-wise, eating is something that can either make or break a trip. Luckily, if you are visiting Vancouver, there are a plentiful amount of foods you can have that will exceed your expectations. You have the choices between sweet treats, freshly served seafood and a heap load of fries served with pure goodness on top.