Why the pH Balance of Your Skincare Is Important

When we’re looking for skincare products, we often look for products that just target our problem areas. However, finding the pH of your favorite cleanser, toner, and moisturizer is just as crucial! Our skin naturally have a pH of 5.5. When we deviate from that number, it can cause harmful bacteria to grow, trigger inflammation, and cause acne.

Understanding The pH Levels In Your Skincare

Skincare products with a pH level of 8 to 14 is known as alkaline. Alkaline products is a huge threat to the pH of your skin. When you are using a cleanser that gives you a tight and squeaky-clean feeling after washing your face, it could be a sign that your cleanser is high in alkaline. These alkaline skincare products usually strip away sebum and natural oils which can cause redness, inflammation, scaling, dryness, and breakouts.

Skincare products with a pH level of 1 to 6 is the closest to the natural pH of our skin so it will more effectively work with our skin and encourage cell turnover. However, too low of pH can also wreak havoc on your skin. If you’re using at-home peel treatments with a low pH, they can be great exfoliants but just as harsh as a product with a high pH.

What Is The Ideal pH For Skincare Products?

Ideally, you want to use products that is close to your natural skin pH of 5.5. So I’ve gathered a round up of my favorite products from Sebamed,  an affordable skincare brand that has created products that treat skin gently with a pH of 5.5! I’ve partnered up with Sebamed to show you a range of products from their line that have effectively helped balance and control my oily skin. I’ve been religiously using their products for almost a month and here’s my review:


Liquid Face & Body Wash (200ml, $13.49) 

I love versatility in skincare. This liquid face and body wash is a win for me just alone that I can double it up using it two different ways. The wash is very gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. When you first lather it on your face and body, it gives you a nice foamy texture. It cleanses while moisturizing your skin. There is a slight fragrance but it’s not overpowering and makes your skin feel comfortable.  The best part is it’s also formulated without any soap or harsh ingredients.

Facial Toner (150ml, $15.49)

This toner is a beautiful ocean blue color when you put it on your cotton pad. It smells very clean and refreshing! I love how it cleans my pores and any leftover makeup I have without drying my skin. It’s super satisfying but also kind of gross that you can see all the excess sebum, oil, and dirt on the cotton pad after using this toner haha.

Care Gel

The care gel is also one of my favorite to incorporate in my skincare routine. I typically enjoy using gel/serums over cream products because I don’t like the greasy film most cream products leave. This care gel leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized because it contains Hylauron and Aloe barbadenis complex! Once you apply it, it takes only a few minutes to dry. I highly recommend this product especially if you’re acne prone like myself.

*The Care Gel is a best seller and have been sold out on the website. Once it’s back in stock, I will update and link it right away!*

Lifting Eye Cream (15ml, $30.99) 

Thankfully, I don’t possess any dark circles or wrinkles under my eyes…yet. However, it’s always good to take preventative measures so your skin can continue to look elastic. I apply this every night underneath my eyes and the surrounding area has been visibly softer and brighter. This eye cream includes Hylauron Complex which is a great moisturizing agent to skin. There’s also research done that have shown phytopeptides to have profound effects to improve the appearance of puffy eye bags and dark circles.

Clear Face Spot Gel (10ml, $14.49)

Last but not least, is the clear face spot gel! This product isn’t something I used every day/night for my skincare routine. However, I used it when I had new pimples forming and wanted to combat it. This is the first skincare product that I’ve used for acne that was in gel form. When applied, the feeling is very pleasant on my skin. With a combination of all the products I’ve used here, my monthly acne flair ups has definitely calmed down.

Bottom Line

The pH of your skin care products matters more than you think! When choosing skincare products, it’s important to find correctly balanced ones that will keep your skin health happy. Using too low or high pH level skincare products can strip your skin which will only increase oil production, leaving your skin irritated. So, next time you plan to make a skin care purchase, make sure to check out Sebamed for their range of 5.5 pH skincare products for a healthier skin!