5 Tips for Managing a Business

Do you remember when you were in high school, and college and life seemed so busy? You had classes to attend and homework to complete. You had extracurricular activities that took up a lot of your time.

If you are managing a business, you probably look back at that time in high school and college with nostalgia. You think back to those high school and college years as carefree days. Now, as an entrepreneur, you have many more fish in the fryer.

If you have a family, you have other people to consider before you make any decisions. Those decisions come with responsibilities and are even more complicated if you have a child with a developmental disorder such as ataxic cerebral palsy or autism spectrum disorder.

So, how do you survive? How do you manage day-to-day life when you have a business? 

Prioritize Your Activities

Make a list every day of what you want to accomplish the day before. Prioritize that list from the most important to least important. If you have meetings, try scheduling them all in a bulk either in the mornings or afternoons. This can help you work through your days in chunks so that your schedule is not scattered everywhere. Include exercising on that list and make it an effort to go at least 3x/week. Your health is always the most important above all. The very act of prioritizing your activities will help you see what you value most in life. 

Done Is Better Than Perfect

The most important thing about business is that in order to move forward, you always have to bite the bullet and make decisions. If you don’t continuously make these decisions, they may hold you back from achieving your greater goal. I consider myself an ambivert but lean towards being an introvert most times. Sometimes I’m afraid to go to network at events or pitch to brands but I still do it anyways. If I spend time thinking about perfecting, I would never get anything done. So the next time you are in a place where you feel like you don’t have everything together, it’s okay. It’s ok if your house is not spotless. It’s ok if your car doesn’t get vacuumed every week. It’s going to be ok if you eat mac and cheese for dinner again. Give yourself and others a break. You got something done than nothing.

Get Rid Of Time Wasters

Sure, everyone needs a break once in a while, but there are things that you are doing every day that wastes precious minutes.

Social media take more time than you realize. My work revolves around social media (mostly Facebook & Instagram) but sometimes things on my newsfeed can distract me. I like using the chrome extension called Newfeed Eradicator for Facebook to eliminate any distractions. Social media is like a vacuum and it can definitely suck all your time away from you if you don’t have self-control. 

When you’re managing a business, you probably don’t have time to do chores or cook. Most of the time, I eat the same few meals with my boyfriend to eliminate the process of thinking of what to cook or spend time cooking. You can even make it easier on yourself and use meal service subscriptions like HelloFresh. Hire a maid to do your chores like laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning the house. Running to the grocery store every day instead of going once a week takes a lot of extra time as well.

Every minute counts when you’re in charge of your own income and you could be using that valuable time creating more progress for your business so use it wisely.


When you have a system of operations (SOPs) down, you’ll be able to delegate work to others and work on more important things to your business. It’s hard to do everything yourself if you want to scale your business. Try hiring virtual assistants to help you with tedious tasks. 

Get rid of all the excess baggage you have cluttering up your life. Rid your closets of clothes that you don’t like, are stained, or don’t fit. I know of entrepreneurs who only wear neutrals so they don’t have to think about what to wear and everything matches. Personally, I wear the same few outfits for the week until laundry day. Only unless, I’m going to an event or photoshoot then I’ll dress up which is only 1-2x week. Donate books you never intend to read again. Recycle unneeded paper as soon as it enters your home. Don’t let stuff rule your house. When you work at home majority of the time, it’s important to keep this space clean and simple. 

Be Strong

Take care of your body and mind. When you find yourself overwhelmed with work, force yourself to go for a walk. Leave your cell phone at home and spend time in nature. I spend at least 1-2 times per day just hiking around my surrounding neighborhood parks/mountains. The air is fresh and the views are incredible, it really helps with detoxing from all the digital devices and clearing your mind. Find what makes you feel better to keep you sane! Being an entrepreneur is definitely not a one way route like when you’re an employee at a 9-5, but know that there are always people who love you and want you to take care of yourself. 


Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think about the article in the comments below. Did you find these tips helpful in your business?