5 Reasons to Invest in Video Content For Your Brand

Everyone has a brand whether or not they’re aware of it. Our world views, our tastes, our characteristics are all forms of our brand.

As a content creator, I’ve been thinking about exploring other ways to increase my online presence. Most importantly, I want to be able to use my presence to build a close-knit community and inspire others through my actions and experiences.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be in a video shoot for an athletic app. I was intimidated since I’ve never done any kind of video shoots. However, my greater goal to reaching more people and allowing them to engage with my content has to be done with videos. That’s why my mission statement is always to do things that make me uncomfortable because it’s necessary to grow as an individual.

How are you growing your brand today?

Here are five reasons to invest in video content to help you reach your message to more people:

1. Entertaining Videos Are More Likely To Be Shared

Don’t assume that “if you build it, he will come.” Just because you have a video, you will not immediately receive hits. Entertaining or helpful videos will acquire shares/likes/comments. When you focus on creating content that provides value, people will keep sharing your content and you will be top of mind. If the task of creating videos might seem daunting to you, you can always look to outsource and hire an expert content marketer to help you build out content for your website. Hiring professionals to help you create videos and providing immense value increases the chances of your video going viral. 

2. Search Engines Love Fresh Content 

Social media algorithms love when you post everyday and they’ll reward you by showcasing your content to more people. Instagram/Facebook/Twitter love it even more when you create videos because it takes longer to consume and it means more people are staying on their platforms. Try creating a channel on YouTube or even Facebook/Instagram Live to maximize your results in the topic you’re most passionate about!  Share your videos on your business’ social media accounts. With consistent efforts, watch your content creep up from the second or third page of a Google search to the first or explore page of Instagram.

3. Reach Millennials/Gen Z 

Millennials or Gen Z are turned off by traditional advertisements and commercials. They distrust these marketing methods. Instead, they are drawn to videos with high production quality. They want to see people who look like them discuss why and how they chose a particular product or service. They want to watch how-to videos that teach them how to perform a task. Want to reach the twenty-something crowd? Create video content.

4. Show Off Your Personality

Make your business or brand shine by creating a video highlighting the personalities of yourself. When people see an animated version of yourself versus a still image of you, you’re building trust with them through videos. This is the reason why most vloggers (video bloggers) always build a loyal following. Subscribers of theirs feel that through their digital screens they can trust these vloggers which is important when you are trying to build a community.

Not only will videos like this attract more people who like your content, but it could also attract potential people looking to build a business partnership with you. What is your mission statement? If you haven’t discovered it yet, share your journey as you find one and you will eventually discover what you feel the most passionate speaking about. 

5. Video Content Is Easier To Consume

Did you know people are more likely to remember things in video instead of just text? It’s proven that people consume video content longer than any other types of content. Quality video content can be expensive to create but you can always start out with using your phone. Take this step in 2019, and invest in yourself using video content for your brand, your new blog, or your business because I definitely am! 


Thank you for reading! Did you like the article? Comment below how you are using video content to create a bigger impact on others! 📹