4 Things I Did That Actually Changed My Life

Live with Purpose

What was my life purpose or what inspired me?

I spent most days wondering what it was too but could never come up with an answer.

So, I started listening to podcasts as a way to guide me like a mentor would. (My favorite business podcast is How I Built This by NPR and health/wellness podcast is Melissa Ambrosini Show) As I began exploring different genres, I listened to influential people who were dominating their industry.

Throughout everyone’s stories, they had one common theme. These people found fulfillment in what they were doing because they had a reason.

I realized that my reason in life is to create so much abundance that everyone I love around me will never have to worry about the things they are constantly putting their time, energy, and focus on. Life shouldn’t be about living to pay your bills and looking forward to your next 2 week vacation time every year. That’s not living life, that’s living in a cage. Gary Vee said this best, “If you’re not happy, you need to change your bills..so that your happiness goes 3 steps forward.” We live in such a materialistic and capitalistic society that we think we need to own a big house, fancy car, or expensive clothes to make us happy and complete us as a person. It should come internally and never externally.

Take for example, Mark Zuckerberg. He set out to create a solution to make an impact on billions of people’s lives. The wealth he accumulated from his success was never the reasoning behind what he accomplished. He did what he did to serve a greater purpose in life and that was to revolutionize the way we connect with people. Wealth was simply a by-product of his impact.

Find your reason and you’ll find your purpose.

Limiting Beliefs

Becoming a blogger, has always been one of my dream passions. Even in the last job I’d worked with, I was helping the company curate content to grow their brand. If I could do it for others, why couldn’t I do it for myself? I just never had the guts to do it because I was afraid of judgment. Who am I to share something to others hoping to influence someone else, right?

The only thing that stopped me from living the life I wanted was having those limiting beliefs. There was no actual data that told me what I had to share wasn’t important/useful. The fact was my data showed me the opposite. I get hundreds of views every month from viewers who enjoy my content and that’s hundreds of people I’m able to influence in my sphere. If you doubt yourself, look at it from a data perspective. Ask yourself, is what you believe backed by facts? Facts don’t have feelings.

If you want to grow, you have to rewire your mind and let go of ALL your limiting beliefs. 

Be Authentic, Real, and Raw

When I started sharing my blog posts—friends, random strangers on the internet, and even brands reached out to work with me because they liked my content and it was relatable to them. It made me even more motivated to create valuable content to inspire others.

Most importantly, it was relatable to them because I built up the courage to share that part of my story to the entire world (aka the internet). For most of my life, I stayed within my comfort zone, remained neutral in all my opinions, and seldom took opportunities that could have been life changing for me.

However I realized that when you become more vulnerable and authentic, people who think the same as you do will resonate in what you do. They will naturally be attracted to you just because of who you are. We are made to be attracted to similar energies so just show up as the best, authentic version of yourself to others.

You don’t have time to please everyone. As I grow older, I’m selfish of my time I have with other people. Time is something you can’t get back and you should only use it wisely with the people you could see having long-term relationships with. Connect with the energies you vibe with and filter out the rest.

There is Never a Better Time to Start Now

Whatever you want to do in life, you should do it NOW. If you keep waiting until there is a perfect time, there will never be a perfect time. The later you start on something, the more you’ll regret not starting it earlier. Life is really not that long. You’re never guaranteed tomorrow, so make something of yourself today so you can live on as a legacy forever…

Biggest Takeaways

Find your purpose in life, change your mindset by eliminating limiting beliefs, be authentic, and start now.

Did you like this article? Leave me a comment below what are some things that has changed you to become the person you want/working on? ❤️