How I Became More Thought Provoking

Life prior to my journey

While I was fortunate enough to have lived a great childhood and didn’t have a lot of hardships to overcome. To simply put it this way, I didn’t have much edges to myself. I felt that I just existed in life.

When I began my journey to adulthood away from my parents, I was lost.

I lacked a lot of depth because I didn’t have many experiences in life and was very sheltered growing up. I couldn’t relate to a lot of people and didn’t have many meaningful things to share in conversations.

I started changing the way I had conversations

It was only when I began to find my own experiences in life that I truly started finding myself.

  1. I started becoming more observant and really listening to other people’s nugget of wisdom in their stories.
  2. I asked more questions when others shared things with me and it started to lead into deeper conversations. 
  3. I repeat key points that I got from the conversation to build it further and deeper.

I practiced this everyday with the people I surrounded myself with and it really started changing the conversations I had.

What I learned

I began to learn so much more about the people I surrounded myself with. Our conversations became a lot less surface level. All because, I became a better listener and I asked more follow up questions.

It’s really simple but a lot of us don’t do this.

We’re often too caught up focusing and talking about the wrong things all the time

  • Ex: Talking about others. It’s easy to critique about others but to critique yourself requires you to dig deep to find all the truly ugly and good parts of yourself. Once you remove all that noise, you will find more thought provoking topics to talk about with others. There’s a saying that says, “You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.” If you surround yourself with people who have a growing mindset, you’ll grow too. Choose a group that makes you become a better person and support you in achieving your goals in life.

What I did to improve

Along the way, I started listening to more podcasts and reading more books. Some of my favorite genres are business, spirituality, and personal growth.

When I listen to these podcasts or read books by people who are successful in life, I gain a lot of wisdom that my inner circle wouldn’t have been able to give me.

I often took what I learned and discussed it with others to understand how they’d view a certain topic or invite them to challenge my assumptions and add their own opinions.

No finish line to this journey

Life is a never ending process of learning. Being a thought provoking person is a continuous journey, that we have to enjoy.

For a really long time, I wasn’t really receptive to any change in my life. I was comfortable in my job, my relationships with people, and my mindset.

I lived in stability my whole life and thought that being comfortable where you are was just life because that’s all I ever knew in my environment.

It was only when I was self aware that I was able to change my mindset and grow as a person in all aspects of my life.

Don’t ever live comfortably in your life, always seek out challenges and welcome new activities that are out of your comfort zone.

I hope my story inspires you to start or continue to become more thought provoking in your life.

Please leave a comment below and let me know how you became more thought provoking! 💭